• Image of Love Spell Prints - 13-16
  • Image of Love Spell Prints - 13-16
  • Image of Love Spell Prints - 13-16
  • Image of Love Spell Prints - 13-16
  • Image of Love Spell Prints - 13-16

Choose one of the 'E' series Love Spell prints.

These prints are from the Love Spells for a Thief series by artist Elizabeth Marruffo.

The whole series of works can be viewed in detail at www.lovespellsforathief.wordpress.com

Each print is on high quality 308gsm Hahnemuhle smooth photo rag and printed with archival quality inks. The prints measure 297mm x 420mm (11.7 x 16.5 in).

All prints are hand finished by the artist, including foiled details on the image itself as well as a hand lettered love spell underneath the hexagon.

The love spell is also the name of the work.

The available prints in this series are -

13- 'If you are interested in hooking a big one, begin by taking some abergris (for the whale's sake, you may use a synthetic version), a casette of whale calls, and some skinny silver coins to the nearest natural body of water.'

14- 'Attach a small crystal amethyst stone on a string (can be glued or drilled hole) and hang it around the neck of the puppy. Make sure this is done so it will not harm the creature. This powerful stone will help the puppy during house training to prevent accidents and damage to the home.'

15- 'Set a couple light blue and light green candles on your altar and anoint them with a Mermaid oil, here's a recipe.
-2 drams hazelnut oil
-1 pinch of sea weed (Irish moss)
-1 pinch sea salt
-1 pebble
-1 sea shell
Warm all ingredients, remove from heat and cool, pour into small bottles or jars.

16- ‘You need to live near a body of water for this spell (like an ocean, sea, or great lake.) You might also like to incorporate the following ingredients which are seaweed for mermaids, sea salt, sea weed, coral, sea shells, sand, natural glass.

We recommend the works be presented as in the sample images, with a ornamental brassy frame and a very pale pink mounting board.