• Image of Love Spell Prints - 33-36
  • Image of Love Spell Prints - 33-36
  • Image of Love Spell Prints - 33-36
  • Image of Love Spell Prints - 33-36
  • Image of Love Spell Prints - 33-36

Choose one of the 'J' series Love Spell prints.

These prints are from the Love Spells for a Thief series by artist Elizabeth Marruffo.

The whole series of works can be viewed in detail at www.lovespellsforathief.wordpress.com

Each print is on high quality 308gsm Hahnemuhle smooth photo rag and printed with archival quality inks. The prints measure 297mm x 420mm (11.7 x 16.5 in).

All prints are hand finished by the artist, including foiled details on the image itself as well as a hand lettered love spell underneath the hexagon.

The love spell is also the name of the work.

The available prints in this series are -

33- 'To build a beautiful garden of love and magic, the following herbs can be planted on a night when the moon is full, daffodil, hibiscus, gentian, geranium, gardenia, coriander, basil, Adam and Eve, catnip, cherry, gentain, love seed, jasmine, lavender, poppy, valerian, vanilla, yarrow, willow, pansy, peppermind, lemon verbena, love seed, maidenhair, strawberry, thyme, hibiscus and hyacinth.'

34- 'Haruspicy was the method the Etruscans used to read entrails of animal sacrifices in order to predict the future. The person performing the haruspicy was called a Haruspex. Tagetes is credited with teaching the Etruscans the art of haruspicy.'

35- 'Find a spot in front of the tree and using a fallen branch or whatever is handy, draw a heart on the ground. In the center of the heart dig a small hole to insert the candle in. After placing your candle inside, fill in with soil to hold it securely in place.'

36- ‘Follow me Footprint Spell! For this spell, you will need to pick up an entire footprint of the person you are attracted to.
Step 1: Find the footprint of the one you are in love with.
Step 2: Dig up the complete foot print of the person you care for deeply.
Step 3: Now whisper over the footprint informing the feet that you wish to see them come to you.
Step 4: Now bury the footprint sand or dirt under your front doorstep!’

We recommend the works be presented as in the sample images, with a ornamental brassy frame and a very pale pink mounting board.