• Image of Love Spell Prints - 49-52
  • Image of Love Spell Prints - 49-52
  • Image of Love Spell Prints - 49-52
  • Image of Love Spell Prints - 49-52
  • Image of Love Spell Prints - 49-52

Choose one of the 'N' series Love Spell prints.

These prints are from the Love Spells for a Thief series by artist Elizabeth Marruffo.

The whole series of works can be viewed in detail at www.lovespellsforathief.wordpress.com

Each print is on high quality 308gsm Hahnemuhle smooth photo rag and printed with archival quality inks. The prints measure 297mm x 420mm (11.7 x 16.5 in).

All prints are hand finished by the artist, including foiled details on the image itself as well as a hand lettered love spell underneath the hexagon.

The love spell is also the name of the work.

The available prints in this series are -

49- ''Gather everything near an open window where you can see the sky. Light the candle and incense, and find the brightest star in the sky. Hold the crystals in your hands and picture the star's light filling them with energy.'

50- 'The important qualities in a familiar are, patience, protectiveness, kindness, and to be loving.'

51- 'I see, quite a few rip off reports from Dr Bones lovesspell.com, I didn't see all of this before I ordered the spell, I called Dr bones he did pick up, I gave him my name and he said he would call me back in which he did he briefly talk to me about my situation he seemed very careless and carefree he quoted me a price had me email information and gave me his wife name to wire the money to LaCeiba Honduras, he did call to get the control number and that was basically the last time I heard from him I've called him and even emailed him he will not return any calls or emails, I hope this report helps others to look the opposite way of this particular spell caster, he has no respect for working class people like myself or the American culture.’

52- 'It is simple. If you exude positive energy into the universe, you attract the same degree of positive energy. Even a simple thought that you conjure up, is released into the universe as a form of energy and you attract the energy of the same intensity. For love magic to be successful, you must make sure that you are positive and sincere at it.’

We recommend the works be presented as in the sample images, with a ornamental brassy frame and a very pale pink mounting board.